Nothing is Impossible

Having just received my giving keys in the mail just a week ago, I was thoroughly excited to not only wear them, but to spread the news about the concept and goodness behind the idea & product. Little did I think that I’d be giving one away so quickly, as I was quite keen on keeping them for myself for a little bit longer just like a child would with a new toy.
A few days later, I gave my first key away to one of my closest friends. We went to high school together and have seen each other change and grow into tremendous people. She had spoken to me the night before about how she doesn’t know what to do in life or know what she’s passionate about anymore. Having just graduated and being forced to come back home from overseas, I can see she’s been feeling a bit lost and unhappy.
I know many people who struggle in finding who they are, what they love and what they want to do with the life they’ve been given. I too find myself asking those questions in my mind every now and again. And that’s why I decided to give her one that had the words POSSIBLE engraved on it. Because in life, everything is possible as long as you have faith, passion and the will to pursue whatever it is one desires and I wanted her to know that. I have complete faith that my dear friend will accomplish many great things in the many years to come. 
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