Finding My Way

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because
someone else thought they could.” – Unknown

I was lucky enough to have worked with three amazing women at my old job. They were my work “family” to the most literal sense of the word. They were the greatest examples of grace, professionalism, savyness and dedication. They were dedicated to our work, our team and to my own success. Over four years we laughed and snorted over “bad idea jeans” and Peal (You Pay Now!), cried over heartache and great loss, put many miles on our running shoes and talked about changing the world (if only we were in charge!). As my friends and mentors they were in many ways my compass that helped me land where I am today. I will always hold close the impression they had on me and on my heart. As we each embark on our own paths in different directions, I hope the key I have given each of them, bearing the word COMPASS, will point them in the direction of new great adventures and successes, and remind them of the friendship I will always hold for each of them in my heart.