Conquer Life

I ordered my giving key with the word ‘Conquer’ to help me get through my first year of law school. I had just moved across the country away from family, friends and a job that I loved to take on something that seemed totally overwhelming at the time. I lived with that key around my neck for close to the school whole year.

When I actually received the key in November 2011, I was in California on vacation and I happened to be hanging out with a new friend, Carryn, from South Africa. In March 2012, Carryn was diagnosed with Leukemia and immediately started undergoing treatment. There is nothing more I want in the world than for her to conquer this thing, and so the key packaged back up and sent on. It now lives around her chemotherapy line in her hospital room in South Africa.

I am looking so forward to the day she can say she conquered Cancer and can pass it on to someone else who needs an extra boost to conquer whatever is going on in their lives..