Just Keep Swimming

When I was given this key last year for Christmas I knew immediately how special this Message was, like finding Nemo I had to remind myself to just keep swimming through life. This is what my sister would remind me when I’d call her upset about my pending divorce. It was the hardest struggle I’ve ever been through. A year later I have an amazing boyfriend that treats me like a queen, and I treat him like a King. However seeing as how this key means so much to me it was very hard to give it away. My sister is my best friend, my mentor, my hero how can I simply give away something that hold so much value. Something that id cried with, and had such faith in. When I realized this was faith that grew in me, strength that I always had, and the will power hiding underneath that beaten, broken spirit.
My girlfriend a work whom has it all she is stunning; successful her husband is her best friend she has 3 wonderful sons, and a beautiful granddaughter. After my conversation with her I found out that her husband of 20 years has kidney failure and it has gotten so bad recently that he is on Permanente dialysis. I need to pass the key on. Give her the hope I was giving, and help her find the strength within herself.
So the key says: Just swim, this saying gave me the strength I needed I hope it gives her, her strength too.