Speak Up

Today, a visiting student came to my school to see what her “soon to be school” was going to be like. My teacher was wearing the key, which stated “Speak Up Against Bullying.” All my classmates were wondering what this key symbolized; I was wondering the same thing. My teacher told us about the bullying documentary and how her friend gave her this key, which was connected to the movie. The visiting student talked about how she got bullied at her old school every day. She said that the bully kept on insulting her. “Once, she called me mentally retarded,” she said. I felt horrible. Imagine, you’re just a student walking around and someone insults you…for fun. I wonder how she felt being insulted for nothing, being tossed around by the bully like a toy. It just so happened that my teacher had that key, which, as I mentioned before, said “Speak Up Against Bullying.” However, school was ending and the student left. My teacher and I thought that maybe we should give it to her to remember. Since she was about to leave, my teacher gave me her key to hand to the student. When I handed it to her, she had a big smile on her face and said thank you. Then, she ran back to the classroom and gave my teacher a huge hug. Hopefully, she will remember to always speak up and talk to her teachers and parents. Who knows? She might find someone who needs the key more then she does and give it to him or her.