Live Your Dream

I have always loved singing, playing instruments, and the idea of performing so much, yet I was always too shy to fulfill my dreams. The past couple of years, since I came to high school, I have come out of my shell so much and made a ton of new friends. I felt it was time to start living the way I always wanted to live. So I signed up for choir, auditioned for a musical, and even more recently, I sing and play various instruments in a band. I’m now not afraid or nervous at all to sing solos in choir, and the musical was one of the best experiences of my life. The band I’m in auditioned for a talent show last week, and we got in. Yesterday and today we performed in the show, and I feel amazing. I’m finally living my dream, because I built up my courage and became fearless, which is why I personalized my key accordingly. I’m excited to pass along the key one day to someone else who needs to live their dream.