Teacher to Teacher

I was a pregnant Kindergarten teacher, due in November 2011, and had just met my maternity substitute teacher. She shadowed me for 2 days to see my class routine and procedures. She always made me feel wonderful, complementing my teacher style and behavior management structure. I went in to labor after day 2, and she started maternity coverage in my classroom earlier than planned. My beautiful Callie was born at 37 weeks. Mrs. Long kept in touch with me frequently to keep me abreast of the new students, grades, achievements, school happenings, and more. We met up before I returned back to work at the end January, and she went over everything I missed. No substitute has to stay this organized and be communicative with the teacher! She did an amazing job in my classroom, and followed my routine flawlessly. Upon my return, she took over another classroom’s leave of absence. She did a phenomenal job at this grade as well. She was not in the teaching field, but always worked with kids in a choir at church, but I KNOW G-d wanted her to be in the classroom. She is a natural. As soon as she passes the teaching exams, she will become a full-time teacher! I had received my Giving Key with the word INSPIRE on it, from my husband on Mother’s Day 2012. I had seen this advertised someone, and I am an advocate for helping the homeless. After wearing it once, I wanted to pass it to Mrs. Long, before I did not see her again, as we only have 2 more weeks of school. I told her that SHE IS INSPIRATIONAL, AND WILL BE AN AMAZING TEACHER.