Dreams Coming True

Well I received my key this past weekend and I have to say it is the sweetest, most thoughtful gift I have ever received. All my life I have been treated like an object and put down by those claiming they “loved” me so I had basically given up on love and had accepted that I would be alone for the rest of my life. So to my surprise I have met the person of my dreams. It was unexpected and I did not think much of our connection at the beginning. We became best friends who opened to each other rather quickly and now we are the love of our lives. My key is a Uhaul key with “Dream” inscribed on it. We are moving in together with plans on getting married and we dream of spending the rest of our lives together. My entire life I have dreamt of having someone who truly loved me, cared for me, liked being with me, laugh with me, and treat me gently…and I have found that person. We spend just about all our free time together and we know we will go through some difficult times together but we are committed to work through them. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there is someone by your side at all times. I never thought I was good enough for this dream but always had the dream and now I know that it is my reality and I plan to hold on to it at tight as possible. Now I know that I should not stop dreaming.