Strength For Someone Who Needs It

Hi everyone. Im not the type of person to post things. Im also not the type to tell you my life story the first time i meet you. I will tell you that mother is probably the most amazing person I know. Ill also tell you that she has beaten cancer twice. Not just once but TWICE!! Sadly the third time might be too much for her. I saw Meghan McCain’s post about the Giving Key’s and looked into it. What a great idea! Most importantly it’s something for my mother. I cant really do much but support her and give her strength to fight cancer again. I ordered a key with the word strength engraved on it. She’s going to need every bit of help that my family and I can give her. One thing I will tell you is that I love my mother and pray that she has the strength to fight and enjoy her life. Im not the most eloquent person you will ever meet. I want people to know how much my mother means to me. Cancer is such an evil disease. I pray for anyone that has family dealing with this issue.