Everyone is Important

I bought a Strength giving key almost a year ago and just gave it away recently. I have lived with depression my whole life, and I have also lately got addicted to certain things that I wish I hadn’t. By wearing this key everyday, it was a constant reminder that I needed to fight. Fight for another day, fight for my life. There is a huge stigma with depression that needs to dissolve. It’s the denial of an illness that is as fiercely debilitating as any cancer. Most people don’t understand how someone with depression can be also highly functioning, and even radiant, joyful, generous and loving. I hope to break that stigma one day, it is my dream.
I have known my best friend since we were three, but only now did she tell me that she too has depression. She also confided in me that she self harms, which I am in the middle of recovery from. Her parents got divorced a year ago, and she’s still having a tough time with it. I really hope that the Strength key I gave her, will help her to realize how important she is and to never give up. I truly believe that everyone needs strength in their lives in order to live and beat all demons that they may face. Anything’s possible, if you just have strength and believe that you are worth it. Everyone is important and matter very much – no matter who they are.