Courage in Battle

It takes heart to have COURAGE, and my friend, Marianne, has a big one. Marianne works as a middle school administrative secretary which involves helping any multitude of people with any multitude of problems on any one given day. Every request, every task, every dilemma is met with a smile as Marianne helps those around her to make their day less stressful. Recently, however, there was one obstacle that all of us had to come together to help Marianne conquer....cancer. Marianne was diagnosed with breast cancer this past spring after having gone five years cancer-free after previously battling thyroid cancer in 2007. It was at this point that courage took over. Webster's states courage to be "the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger with confidence and resolution.". This is certainly our Marianne. With unwavering spirit, Marianne faced the battle with strong resolution that things would get better. I never once heard Marianne feel sorry for herself. I never saw her without a smile, though not quite as bright. I never saw her treat anyone as if their problems were much less than hers, although they were. I have only known Marianne to have a strong faith in possibilities and a spirit to match that resolution. I work with Marianne everyday, and I'm not sure she knows how much I respect and admire her. There is only one other person in my life that I would compare her courage to and that would be my late grandfather. I pass this COURAGE key along to Marianne as a reminder of the courage and spirit she possesses and how very happy we are that our friend has won the battle and is on her way to healthier days. Courage takes heart, and my heart is so happy that our Marianne is quite the fighter!!

- Jenny