Security For Kenya

I have been working with one of my dear friends for a year now. I came into the organization in Nov 2011 and Larissa immediately befriended me and taught me the ropes. She is so incredibly good at her job, self-motivated, energetic and always there to help out. Her stakeholders truly love and appreciate her. She recently decided that she wanted a career change and applied for an internal posting for our Kenya office. She was obviously accepted and welcomed with open arms and will leave us this week for her new adventure. Although I am terribly sad that she is leaving, I am so happy for her as she pursues new challenges and adventures. I cannot thank her enough for being such an incredible coworker and peer and I wish her all the best. As a parting gift, I am giving Larissa my key, with the work "security" engraved on it. I hope it keeps her safe as she travels and ensures her safe return to us again.

- Ami