It Started With A Pencil

I first heard about The Giving Keys through another site I religiously follow called TWLOHA-To Write Love on Her Arms. I thought this would be a really unique gift for someone and I love the idea of giving the key away, so the gift keeps on giving. 
I thought of no one other than my closest friend at the time, Erik, also known as Spider Man. Normally people engrave words like "courage" and "hope" on the keys but I chose "pencil". We first met in a class in our first year of university, we were writing our first test and I didn't have a pencil, as I raised my hand to ask the prof he subtly turned around and handed me a pencil. Even though I had my eye on him since classes began I said thank you and immediately began my test. 
In just 2 short months we fell so in love, and it hasn't been easy. Each day is a battle against such an ugly illness that possesses my body and mind, we deal with things normal couples would not, but Spidey has remained strong and always by my side. He has helped me over come so much in the past 2 months because he simply wanted to help someone in need not because he had to. I have grown as a person because of him and will continue because of the difference he has made. 
I hope my silent hero receives the recognition and appreciation he deserves someday. And when the legacy continues- the key will be given away again and again and again. Our story will be told again and again even if we fall apart, others can know there is always hope to hold onto, and love prevails. Over everything else. 
Always- MJ