Fearless In The Face Of Adversity

The first thing you should know about me is how incredibly close I am with my family. I am not only Italian, but from New Orleans and the mixture means I love with all my heart! They are everything to me and I truly do not know where I would be in this world without them. I went to visit some of these family members in Nashville, TN. We went up a little before Thanksgiving, just in time to see the amazing colors of what a real autumn looks like (here in New Orleans we don't have much of a changing of the seasons ;) ). While walking in downtown Franklin they took us into a small shop called Philanthropy. This unique store had so many great buys and most of them were things for charities, which immediately touched my heart. When I came across The Giving Keys I instantly fell in love with the concept. As a person who has intense buyers anxiety I questioned whether or not I should buy myself one. I finally broke down and purchased one for myself with the word " FEARLESS" on it. I was so excited and could not wait until the day I got to pass this on to someone in my life. I even ended up going back the next day to get some for gifts as well. They were a hit!

Weeks later, while back home in New Orleans, my family got some terrible news. They had found a brain tumor on my cousin's 6 year old daughter, Reese. It was almost literally unbelievable. Why my cousin Karla? Why Reese? It was heart breaking. I knew my cousin Karla had to be terrified and grief stricken. I knew this was going to be a long journey for them and I knew me and the rest of my family would stick by their sides the whole way. Late one night when I had gotten off work I went by the hospital to visit my mom, Karla and Reese. I knew that at this point in time what my cousin Karla needed. While Reese slept peacefully in her heaping pile of stuffed animals, the three of us girls just chatted. Before I left, I told Karla there was something I wanted to give to her. I told her the story of these keys and told her how it was fate that I bought that key that day. We all cried a little and she put in on, thanked me and I don't think she has taken it off since. I truly believe I bought that key for you.

To you Karla- May you walk fearlessly through this journey that life has given you. You are so strong and such an incredible woman. You have done so amazing with everything so far and I truly am amazed by you and the unbelievable strength you have. I am here for you always, we all are. Reese is a fighter, just like you. I love you so much you are a sister to me and I am here for you always. 

Things are looking up for Reese, she still needs prayers, but there are some very confident doctors who think they can help her. Please keep my cousin in your thoughts and never take anything for granted. Life is precious. 


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