Losing A Sister And Finding A Friend

My sister fought a really rare disease called Gardner's Syndrome all of her life. She got placed in a nursing home at the age of nineteen.

A lady named Kathleen visited my sister often. So much that she even got fired from her job because my sister really needed her. 

October 4th, 2012 my sister lost her battle. 
I came home from my mission trip in Africa for a week to be with my family. God spoke & told me I was to speak at my sisters funeral. The word God gave me was "fearless." I spoke about how fearless my sister was, how she never gave up, and always was joyful despite the pain & confusion.
My brother & I both got tattoos in remembrance of my sister that said "Fearless."

When I was looking at the keys, I saw that you could get one that said "Fearless" on it. So I decided that I was going to get Kathleen one. Because she couldn't get a tattoo, or she just didn't want a tattoo.
After purchasing it God showed me that Kathleen was fearless too. Because she went into a friendship with my sister, scared & not knowing if my sister was even going to have tomorrow. I think that makes someone fearless.

So Kathleen, I believe you are fearless.

- Laura