In Honor of Alyssa Byrne

My key was given to me on Christmas Day 2012 by my niece, Katina Treanor. On January 4, 2013, a young sweet girl by the name of Alyssa Byrne was found deceased on Pioneer Trail, So Lake Tahoe, CA. She had gone up to Tahoe with friends for a concert over the New Year. She left the concert alone (in her memory, please never leave anywhere alone when you are unfamiliar with the area. Always use the buddy system) and became disoriented on her way back to the hotel. It is believed she sucuumbed to the weather. My heart ached (and still aches) for her family. The word on my Giving Key was STRENGTH. On 1/7/2013 I decided that my key should go to Alyssa's mother, whom I did not know. I went to Alyssa's homne, told her mom I was a stranger who cared deeply about what they were going through, told her the story of the key and put it in her hand. I told her she did not have to wear this key but that I wanted it to serve as a reminder that there was a community of strangers standing close to her and her family, holding the family & Alyssa in thought and prayer. As she closed her hand around the key, she simply said "this is perfect". She may not remember my name or my face, but I am sure she will always remember that the key was given to her by a stranger who cared. My niece gave me an awesome gift on Christmas Day hat I was able to pass on to someone in need and that in itself was a huge gift for my heart!

- Lynn