Keep Breathing

I bought my first Giving Key before Christmas this past year. I wanted the word I chose to be something of a reminder for me whenever I needed to take a moment to relax and forget the frustration and stress. I also wanted it to remind me that every now and then I need to stop and take in all the beauty in the world; just exist in the short time I have here and enjoy it. I thought the word "breathe"would really capture this idea. 
I fell in love with the idea that these necklaces were meant to be given away, the first time I heard of them. I didn't realize however, that I'd be giving mine away so soon. I didn't know that the person it was meant for was a woman I barely knew. But, while at evening service of church, during worship, I felt like God was letting me know it was time. So, as soon as we had a small break I made my way over to her. I asked her if we could talk a minute and as I began to explain I realized I was starting to cry. You see, this woman has been struggling on and off with cancer for a couple of years now and she has another surgery coming up pretty soon. When I told her what the key was for and what it said I let her know I didn't know if the word Breathe meant anything to her and she said it did. She then let me know that she's received hints from Above before that something was about to become difficult for her; helpful warnings to let her know that she's not alone and she can make it through. 
As we began to part ways, she thanked me and I let her know I'd be praying for her. All I can think is that I hope it helps her through whatever is coming up for her. I hope it reminds her to continue believing she is not alone and keep breathing.