Coincidence. Cambodia. Philanthropy.

Coincidence is the hand of God. I purchased my "hope" giving key in downtown Franklin, TN, and a very cool store called Philanthropy. I had no idea who would eventually get the key but one day I was in a retail store and the manager asked if my necklace was a giving key. Here we go... she told me that she has been in Philanthropy several times and they never had a hope giving key, and that was the only one she wanted. She shares with me her work with child trafficking and that she was recently in Cambodia on a mission with Remember Nhu. Nhu was rescued from the sex trade when she was only 12. The manager tells me that she had tattooed on her ankle the word for hope in Nhu's native tongue. I knew this was the person that needed my giving key. She cried, I cried. 

- Wendy