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As Grace Would Have It


This meant to be a story of grace; nothing more, nothing less. This site was shared with me a few months ago and I immediately wanted to purchase a “GRACE” key. For whatever reason, I was delayed in buying it. And as grace would have it, we now find ourselves walking down different paths. I am a girl who is saved day after day by the amazing grace that is Jesus Christ; grace characterizes me. I had an ideal of how I wanted grace to be in my life—but because grace is a gift—we don't choose what it looks like. Grace can wear a different face with each new day. Thankfully, the One who saw fit to save my life is orchestrating a grace that is bigger and better than I could ever have imagined. So, I will wear grace around my neck. I will keep it close to my heart until it is time to give it away to someone who needs to be reminded of the promise of future grace; the very best kind of grace.


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