Courage to Speak Up

I heard about The Giving Keys on Steve Harvey and the Company's story really resonated with me. I knew I had to buy a key to help support this wonderful organization, but what word?

I have PTSD and have been on serious medication for 23 years. I found out that antidepressants shorten your lifespan. My psychiatrist started helping me to get off the medication when I found out it was highly addictive. Withdrawal symptoms included brain zaps, panic attacks, anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression worse than what you started with. I decided to go ahead, but not without doing everything I could to counteract the negative effects. Just about everything I eat now produces Serotonin, I walk on the beach every day with my dog, I get good sleep, I meditate every day, and we're stepping down the dose very gradually. I knew my word would have to be COURAGE. I need to face each day with it.

A close friend had been bullied for years by a charming woman who posed as her best friend. After the bully insulted her publicly in a drunken rant, my friend cut ties with the bully, but never confronted her. My friend's abusive childhood made her a people pleaser and she learned to never rock the boat. Last weekend my friend ran into the bully who started taunting her. That was it! My friend told the bully exactly what she thought of her and told her to get out. The bully fled and when she got home she sent my friend an email saying she was going to report her to the police. My friend realized that having the courage to confront the bully was the absolutely the right thing to do for herself. She said to me that she wanted to lead her life like this. I knew then that she was the one to give the COURAGE key to. You can see by the photos that we both are very happy about the Giving Key!