Learning to Let Go

I bought a giving key at Catalyst West. From the moment I bought my key that said "Let Go," I wore it knowing that I needed to let go of my insecurities, let go of my pride, and let go of my worry that God is working even when I can't see it. I wore it excitedly and prayed often that God would help me to let those things go. 

Just a few weeks later, I was talking to my mom (who is new to faith) about trusting in God with things that are uncomfortable. She was talking about how one person has treated her over the past 6 years, how frustrated she gets, and how angry it makes her. I told her that it isn't our job to ensure that justice is served and that holding on to bitterness and anger only harms her. I told her she really needs to let it go. She told me she wasn't sure if she was ready to give that to God yet because she wasn't sure if she trusted Him enough. 

As she spoke, I began to take off the key necklace that was around my neck and told her about Giving Keys. I told her that I knew she needed to learn to let go and put the necklace on her. We both had tears in our eyes. She continues to wear the necklace and will until she meets someone who needs to Let Go.