A Tangible Representation

We were in complete shock when we learned our son was involved with drugs. There were no signs until we got the call from the police. Once we found out about this, as well as his intentional overdose, there were three priorities we set.

1: Get him healthy both mentally and physically.
2: Help him through serious legal issues.
3: Try to get things back on track with his college aspirations.  


Through the grace of God, we've got our son back and on track again. He spent 2 months in treatment, is working hard to pay back court costs while on probation, and is enrolled back in school while maintaining his academic and athletic scholarships.  

A close friend gave me the "Giving Key" shortly after I opened up to her. This key was a tangible representation of the faith and trust I have in God of seeing things through. His will WILL be done. Had we not been aware of the drug problem, we may have lost our son forever. It makes my heart hurt just to type those words.

The front side of the key is engraved with the word, "FAITH". It is a little worn now as I found myself rubbing it as a reminder during some of the more trying times. I now pass it along as an outward sign to my cousin who had her second child at 29 weeks. I pray for her hope and faith, along with God's healing love and strength as their baby girl fights for her life.