Grace to Persevere

I purchased a Giving Key from my survivor friend Cindy Alexander - musician, spokes-person for, and overall wonderful person - who sells them for the benefit of your organization.  

I'm giving this key to my sponsor in a recovery program, James W. After long-term recovery, then a relapse precipitated by severe back pain, James encouraged me during detox, then guided me through the recovery program, and became a great friend. Now, after attending many meetings with him, I am in 4th year of recovery again.

About two months ago, James had a stroke, but it was caught quickly and he had very few problems. However, during some of the scans, they discovered he is riddled with cancer. He is now undergoing radiation, suffering severe pain, and his family is greatly concerned because he is at the core of its structure.  

He has a confident, persevering, and faithful outlook on life. With God's GRACE, the combination will result in remission and he will live many more years.

May the good Lord bless your company with many good results.