Faith in All Things

My key was a gift from my husband--the key says "FAITH" and he gave it to me when I had attended a weekend workshop, the final part of the workshop being a prayer. A giant group prayer. I left the church so many years ago, followed my own path of spirituality, but there was something powerful, humbling, inspirational and deeply moving in this prayer, given from the heart of the group. I have worn "FAITH" every day for the last 2 months.....until yesterday.

My brother is a high school principal at Kelso, a small, little-noticed town just north of Portland, OR. He came to San Diego, to attend an AVID conference (AVID is changing the face of education), and he brought his entire team with him, because he has a dream. He has a dream that his students, his "kids," are each capable of graduation, and his goal is 100% graduation rate. Many people on his staff tell him he's crazy, that it can't be done.....but when I hear him talk about it, when I see that look in his eyes and the passion in his voice and the tears roll gently down his face...when I hear him talk about his belief in the goodness and the possibility of each and every kid in his school....well, I can't help but believe he can do this. I have faith in him. I know he can do this. I know that he can see the possibility and potential of each person, and he can help them see it in themselves, and what's more--to believe it, truly and deeply, so that they graduate and begin to create a life they never thought possible. 

I gave him my key, the morning he left to return home. He started to cry. He said, "You have faith in me. I won't let you down." I just smiled and said, "It's all you, brother. You are the key. It's all you." Faith, in humanity. Faith, in the potential of kids. Faith, in my brother. Faith.