With Strength We Lead

About a year ago, I was in San Diego on vacation when I stumbled upon The Giving Keys for the first time. I had no idea why but for some reason I found this insatiable need to pick up the one that said "STRENGTH" I wore the key for a while and eventually (between two moves) lost track of it. In December, I met the most amazing guy. He just happens to be a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point. We were just friends for a while but around March we started hanging out and in April we took our relationship to the next level. He is going into what will be he second year or "Yuk" year and during that summer there is a required month long training they have to attend. While I was cleaning (and constructing a blanket fort) for his long anticipated two week vacation before classes resumed, I rediscovered my key. I read the message on the key as if I was reading it for the first time and new instantly that I had finally found someone to give this key to. My boyfriend is a cadet in the class of 2018 who's class motto is "With Strength We Lead" and after talking myself up for a while, I finally worked up the courage to give him the key. He loved it so much and has had it on his person every day since then. I don't believe in much but I truly believe that this is the reason I was drawn to that key way back when in San Diego. My hope is that as he rises through the cadet ranks and commissions into the Army as a Second Lieutenant that he will find someone to pass this key on to.