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I Am Enough

Throughout my life, I've been fortunate to be blessed with good health. Throughout my constant struggles of high school and self confidence, my "FAITH" key always gave me hope that my life would work itself out. I constantly struggled with the words filling my brain "I am not good enough." Through countless hours of therapy and self motivation, I found my niche and I've realized what I truly am good at.

I auditioned for a princess company near my local town where girls my age dress as Disney characters at parties, but was denied because I did not fit into their standard costume size of 25 inch waist. I did not let that get to me. Instead, I opened my own company and began embracing the phrase "making every shape and size feel like royalty." Through this message, my best friend and I have been spreading this positive message through local events and also trying to raise money for charity.

My best friend is the strongest person I know. Being only 15 years old, I have never heard her complain. At a young age, she was diagnosed with Lupus. Because of this diagnosis, she has constantly lived with medical concerns worse than other kids her age.

This summer, my best friend experienced the most tragic event a person could have. She lost her mother unexpectedly. Never had my heart hurt worse for someone. Still, living with this she continues to sing to make others happy, strive to do community service, and is always kind to others. I have still never heard a complaint. I gave her my necklace of "FAITH" because nobody means more to me in my life.

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