Fight Bravely

This story is more about my friend Sara then me. You see Sara is the bravest person I know and loves with her whole heart. Sara fought for life in her 20's battling cancer, loved and supported her sister as she lost her battle to the same disease ten years later, and was disappointed by people that committed to loving her in sickness and health. None of those obstacles kept her from being the wonderful friend, daughter, and wife she is today. She once said to me that if you are meant to be a mom, you will be and it may not be the way you pictured it but you will be one none the less. I know that Sara and her husband will love their child with their whole heart and teach him/her to do the same and to fight bravely to be a better person, friend, son/daughter, wife/husband and human being. For that reason, I gave Sara a key with "BRAVE". Great, now I am crying.