Selfless Courage

I am passing on the COURAGE key to a remarkable woman. Her name is Banti and she is battling cancer. Banti is such a generous, kind and positive woman. She is so strong and such a fighter. Banti would come over to my house everyday to help my grandma out of depression after we lost my grandfather. Banti would bring her positive attitude and try to help my grandma as much as she could. It was hard even for me being a healthy person dealing with someone who has depression. It would be so draining and negative but Banti would not give up. She did this all while withholding information about her poor health. Even after receiving a challenging diagnosis, it did not take away from her caring and positive personality.

She was coming over taking care of my grandma and being so nice and positive and giving all while having her own secret battle. That is who she is and she inspires me everyday to be a better person. How can a woman who is dealing with such difficult news about her health, still be so positive and put someone else's well being before her own? She is a survivor with a positive attitude that does not slow her down. She still always comes over, never empty handed and with always a positive spirit. She continues to be there for my family through difficult times, even when she is experiencing a difficult time herself.

I wish I could give her her good health back. But all I can give her is this key of COURAGE. Because it takes a lot of COURAGE to continue to be so positive, caring and optimistic when you have a very serious form of cancer. It takes courage living everyday not knowing if it will be your last. She is one of the most good-hearted and positive people I know. All this while fighting the biggest battle of her life. I want to thank her for being such an inspiration of who I want to be when dealing with the most difficult of times. Her COURAGE is and will continue to be the reason she survives cancer.