Let Go and Be Free

I learned of The Giving Keys while looking through a jewelry case at a boutique in Mystic Connecticut. I saw the key and knew it had "unlocked" a message to give this key away, to know who needed it. Immediately. I gave it to my mother.

I have been a social worker for the passed six years, helping homeless US military Veterans find and maintain homes, increase their self-sufficiency, and enhance their well-being. None of it would be possible without learning to juggle my own recovery needs. My mother, who herself struggles with mental health conditions like I, has been a grounding, empathic and unconditional presence and support - always. 

My mother was also my very first social worker; she has been my advocate, my mediator with the world, my reflective listener, my coach, my educator. She has helped me to reach my potential, to help me feel empowered. My relationship with her has been pivotal to me learning who I am, even as a public servant, a member of the helping profession.She has been along my journey of becoming and social worker and working with the homeless population.

It has been and continues to be an honor and a privilege to work with homeless Veterans and I know that my impact is due to the once removed impact my mother has had on me. I wanted her to have this key, to tell her how much she has and continues to "unlock" for me and to let her know - however she needs to - I want her to be free of what burdens her, to understand how much I love her, and to "LET GO" of what needs letting go.

God bless The Giving Keys efforts and mission and thank you for your special messages that remind us of how interconnected we all are.
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