Take a Moment to Pause

I received a bracelet with PAUSE on it. I have never been very good about being patient and one of the few things I had control over in my life was my job. I have very little tolerance and would have enough and quit. I never had a good mentor or family structure so no one was there to help me through it only to tell me I made the wrong decision.

I met Joanne in a BSF class and knowing I was a corporate HR Recruiter she asked my advice on her career search. I also have had the opportunity to mentor others from the group and others in my life. Joanne gave me the bracelet and it reminded me to stop and think about things. I would tell myself to pause and look at the situation. I have helped Joanne find a new career; I have helped mentor a co-worker/my teammate, and I have helped hire many to my organization. My company has its flaws. There is a good amount of selfish people that I come in contact with. I have learned to look inside myself, not be afraid to stop and think or PAUSE. And sometimes even walk away til the next day.

My circumstances have not changed that much, but my way of looking at things has. I am where I am because God placed me here. I know this isn't my home or my spot forever but I am going to be content until I see where God has for me next. I am going to pass my PAUSE bracelet on to my BSF Leader who is going through some sad and trying matters right now with her family, and I hope it can get her through not only this time but any other troubling times that come her way.

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