Strength to Heal

On August 12th my boyfriend of three years and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Getting pregnant at seventeen came as a bit of a surprise, but was so worth it. For one week we got to have are sweet Hallie Grace home, but on that seventh day are whole lives were turned upside down. Hallies lips turned blue and we were flown to Vancouver children's hospital, that is were we learned that are daughter had a virus called entero virus. Being born a month early her body didn't have the antibodies it needed to fight off this virus causing it to attack her heart. She fought hard and strong for two weeks but on September 6th are baby girl passed away. It has been a month since she went to heaven and everyday seems impossible. She has shown us strength, hope and a love we never knew was possible. We feel blessed to have had that short time with are little angel, she is and will always be the best thing that has ever happened to us. Strength is one of the most important things it takes to heal. So when my long time family friend gave me the STRENGTH necklace I knew I would wear it until there is a day when someone needs it more than me.