Grace and Determination

I discovered The Giving Keys a little over two months ago in a small store called Beautiful Things. Beautiful Things indeed! I bought myself a necklace that says "BREATHE". I have a tendency to overthink and worry, I need to remind myself to breathe sometimes! I love to give and this cause is so very perfect for the type of person that I am! But, who to give it to? I started overthinking that question almost as soon as I bought the necklace. 

....and then something happened. My friend, my dear, sweet, fun loving and incredibly strong friend lost the love of her life and the father of her three beautiful children to addiction. My friend, whom I hadn't seen in almost ten years because life picks us up and carries us along. My friend, who carried her family, and continues to do so with a grace and determination I have seen in few people. She has yet to have her "freak out" moment, but it's coming. When it does, I want her to try and breathe, because she WILL get through it. 

I will be stopping on my way home to pick up another and I haven't decided which one yet. I think I will just decide when I get there. 

Thank you for doing what you do
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