I'm Here For You

This key was given to me in the Fall 2013. That was one of the lowest points in my life having dealt with several deaths that summer and then my father's in September. My business was not doing well, my nephew was in trouble with the law again, and my older two sons had moved out of family home and I was not handling that well at all. To say it was a very low point in my life is to put it mildly. This key didn't necessarily inspire me or make things better, but when I received it, it did make me realize that someone cared. Someone thought enough about me to say I know what you are going through and I'm thinking of you.  

I am in turn sending this key to a friend of mine who has not only battled cancer for the past year but has had to work full time while handling chemo and radiation treatments. In addition, she works for our publishing house as an editor and a training coordinator. She is currently experiencing a lot of stress and I know this key will make her realize that I care and I'm here for her.