Power of Courage

Caitlin Crosby you are an absolute genius! You continue to amaze me and you’ve definitely inspired me along with millions of others. Love what you’re doing with The Giving Keys. Seriously, Bravo! Simply splendid and incredibly exciting. Profoundly empowering! Love Brian Houston's words, "Every story is written to a good theme— and the theme of your heart determines the story of your life." I know I'm being called to share my own story. Love your stated mission, "Embrace your word, then pay it forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you.” I customized this key to say the words, "See Stars” because it's a reflection of the dark waters I was drowning in during my past as I battled spiritual and physical anorexia. It was not until one morning when I entered the darkest season of my life. I was awoken by a spiritual revelation. I opened my eyes as all I saw was a galaxy of stars floating around me. So, I encourage you all today to share your story because bravery will reveal the power of courage. Live fearless. Be bold and pay it forward because you will not believe how many lives you will truly inspire just by sharing YOUR own story!