COURAGE. This is the key that I gave to my friend Jody. Only 41 years old she is facing one of the most difficult challenges of her life, cancer. With Jody, her effervescent smile and genuinely positive attitude has moved her through many challenges in life. Just after my father died, while I was in possession of the ‘COURAGE’ key, Jody phoned me to tell me the news of her own health. She didn’t mask the seriousness but neither did she display an attitude many might have in this situation, while rightfully fearful of the ‘ifs’ she wasn’t paralyzed by them. After given the options for her treatment, she simply and clearly stated, “What are my choices? My choice is to live!” I mailed the key to her with a hand written letter, she needed to have the key now. I know she has bad days, days where she is sick, tired, and weak. But what I love about her is that courage and determination come naturally to her, it's so evident in her spirit. Maybe she’s not leaping over tall buildings in a single bound at this time, but she is most definitely and courageously fighting a horrific, and cruel illness. She has demonstrated that she is the heroine of her own life, a woman that is undefeated, hopeful and positive. I’m inspired, I’m grateful but mostly I’m so glad she’s my friend and she is in my life, my precious life.