Answered Prayers

Let me go back to the beginning of my "FAITH" story. When I was 6 weeks pregnant I found out I had thyroid cancer. The docs said we could wait until my 2nd trimester to perform the surgery. During my 5th month of pregnancy, I went in for a total thyroid/neck dissection. The surgery lasted over 13 hours and when I woke up I was unable to speak due to a tumor on one of my vocal cords. If I were to go into labor, my baby would not survive. I thought this was happening during recovery. I remember trying to get the nurses attention without a voice, tears rolling down my face. It was only by Gods grace and my faith in Him, my baby was going to be o.k. That's when I knew her name would be Faith!! I was unable to talk or drink liquids for the next 3 months. I would be scheduled for a prosthetic vocal cord replacement, after I had Faith and radiation treatment. Faith was born on November 20, 1995. A healthy, beautiful baby girl! (I never had to have the vocal cord surgery as the Lord healed me after specific prayer request from some amazing women.) Praise God!

Fast forward 20 years later (cancer free- yay God!) My sweet Faith has lost her way. She's gone down the wrong path. We love her and miss her so very much! I'm giving her this “Faith" key today, a gift for her 20th birthday, with all the faith I have in God. I'm praying my sweet girl will become the young lady God has called her to be. Until then, I will keep the "FAITH" and will rejoice when the Lord answers our prayers and she finds her way back.

I look forward to the day when I am reading her story about the "FAITH" giving key. 

Psalm 91
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