A Single Dream

I have given away 7 keys, but this story is my favorite so far. My very first key said, "DREAM" and I wore it everyday for a year. Then when my best friend was moving across the country to New York (from San Diego) to follow her dreams of working on Broadway, I knew where my first key should go. At her going away party I hugged her and put it around her neck and we both cried. Once she moved she would send me photos of her wearing it at her first Broadway rehearsal, Broadway debut, and then wearing it on her second Broadway show! Always talking about the power of the message and love behind the key.  

Then this past Summer. 3 years later. I booked my first Broadway show!, and prepared to move across the country to follow my dream as well. About a week after I told my friend about the job, I got a package in the mail...it was my little "dream" key and a card of congratulations which said, "I'm not sure if this is how it works, but it feels appropriate." The love and encouragement I gave literally and figuratively found it's way back to me. So, I put my key on again, this time with a new story, a new journey, a new message attached to it. And I was the one sending her pictures of me in my key at my first Broadway rehearsal and debut. 

"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities." Thank you.

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