Believe Things Could Be Different

We hadn't seen each other in 14 months. We had made numerous attempts to work through our differences but every time fell through because we let our past mistakes get the best of us. I moved to a new city 1,200 miles away from where we had lived together and he became a flight attendant.

Out of any city, day, time, and place, we saw each other from across the bar. I was overwhelmed with emotions and told my friends I wanted to leave but they convinced me to pull myself together and go talk to him. I guess he saw me too because we were both aimlessly walking around the bar and within a moment our eyes met from across the room. I approached him and we looked into eachothers eyes and we both cried. After what felt like an eternity of crying and hugging, we started our conversation. He took off his Giving Key Necklace and placed it around mine. The key was engraved with the word "BELIEVE." He told me he purchased it with the hope that he would be able to give it to me one day; to make "BELIEVE" things could be different. His words and monologue was so beautiful it could have been a marriage proposal. I believe the universe is unfolding as it should. We are meant to be together. Despite everything we have ever bee through, he will always be the one.