Gain a Feeling

My boyfriend and I have been "working" on a distance relationship together over the last several months. I use the word "working" as a loose term because the last couples months have hardly felt like work, and the 1,000 miles have hardly felt like distance. I have learned how to Love and Believe in not only myself, but also in the person whom I am luck enough to share my heart with.

He has started a new career in a new city, and I want him to have a daily reminder of how much he deserves to believe in himself. I know he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to with the self-confidence he deserves to have. I want him to remember that life is a process, and that with believing in himself and understanding what he is capable of he can accomplish anything he sets his mind and heart to. He claims he doesn't have much patience (even though he shows so much for me), but I know that with time he can attain any career driven and life oriented goal he want stop achieve as long as he believes in his ability to do so.

I gave him this key for Christmas because I want him to Believe in himself, every day. Every day I want him to be reminded that he is the key to the Belief and Strength I also have in myself. I believe that the distance and miles that separate us are only numbers, but how much love I have for him and his bright future turns those miles into something small and easily surpassed.

Just pick a goal, a goal you truly want to achieve, and take a clear-eyed look at your weaknesses--not so you'll feel less confident, but so you can determine exactly what you need to work on. Then get to work. Celebrate small successes. Analyze your weaknesses. Keep going. As you gain skill, you'll also gain a feeling of genuine confidence, one that can never be taken away--because you've earned it and deserve to Believe in yourself.

Love you. xo