Strength Through Her Battle

I received my key with the word "Strength" on it after my father passed away. I had a tough time when my father passed away, because I was mad at him at the time & wasn't there the day he passed away.  My brothers, sisters & I weren't able to see him before cremation, the funeral & being buried, which made it difficult to find closure. I held my key tight for many days after this & found "Strength" in the key. This key had become a part of me, the only thing that connected me to my dad. When I read that Giving Keys "employ those who are transitioning out of homelessness" I found this key to be a sign that my dad was with me - my dad had just moved from homelessness to his apartment.

But, the time has come to give it away. I chose to give it to my sister-in-law. She's battled breast cancer once, but it's returned & more aggressive than ever. She's 47 yrs old, wife & mother to 2 teenage girls. She's shown such Strength through her battle.

As she continues to fight daily with her battle against cancer, I was ready to give my key away to her. She needs "Strength" right now more than I do. I didn't think it would be so tough, but it was my first Christmas without my dad, and also the day I chose to give it to her.

As I called my sister-in-law into a private room, away from the rest of the family, I gave her my key and told her the meaning behind it. We both cried. I placed the key over her head (bald from her chemo treatments), and knew this was the right person to move forward with the key of "Strength". I pray that her battle will not end before a cure is found.  I pray this key will bring her as much strength as it did me in my time of sorrow.

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