Complete the Circle

Today I gave away my Let Go key to my friend and coworker Jenn. She has been through so much, and yesterday an event happened that made me realize she really needed my Let Go key. She is a breast cancer survivor, and recent divorcee, and a single mother. She is a gentle soul with a kind heart, and her husband left her at her darkest moment in life.

Let me start at the beginning. I am actually a Giving Keys retailer, and I got my key years ago. I got it because of a family rift, and I needed to let the entire thing go. I cannot change people, I cannot make people treat me the way I want to be treated, so I knew I had to let it go. I wore my key proudly every day, and I knew one day I would give it away.

Yesterday Jenn and I were working and a woman came into the store. She was the woman Jenn's ex-husband had an affair with. Jenn's entire mood changed like the flip of a switch. She went from being happy and talkative to being quiet, nervous and withdrawn. I saw at that moment she needed to Let Go. She cannot change what happened, she cannot force this woman to treat her with dignity and respect.

I told her today was the day I needed to complete the circle of the Giving Key story. I told her I saw her need to Let Go, and when I put the key on her she cried. She later told me how much it touched her soul and how grateful she was for the job at my store and my friendship. I truly think my key will help her to Let Go.

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