Wrap My Arms

Yesterday was the day I knew it was time to pass along my Love key necklace. I placed it on the neck of a beautiful young woman.

About 4 months ago her life tragically changed. Not only for her but for her two brothers as well. They have had to endure something no one should have to endure. They are now just the three of them. Yes, they have friends and a grandma and the oldest still has his dad but life as they knew it will never be the same. My heart breaks for them.

But they are strong and they have an incredible bond and love for each other and LOVE can heal. My heart has been drawn to this little family in an intense way. I just want to wrap my arms around them and make it all better. I consider them my family now and fiercely want to protect and love them. I will never be able to replace the loss they have had to suffer but I intend to do my best to fill the void that is left. LOVE is the key.

Someday when she is ready I know she will pass along not only the necklace but also the love that has healed her heart and will someday heal another.