Beautiful and Miraculous Life

In February 2015, I found out I was expecting a baby. My husband and I had waited nine years for this news, and our whole family was overjoyed. Sadly, two months later my sister was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Then two months after that, we received devastating news about our baby boy. He had Trisomy 18 and would not likely make it to delivery.

We chose to celebrate his beautiful and miraculous life every single day of my pregnancy. We read him books and sang to him, knowing that each day was a blessing. Our sweet Julian Reid was born on October 5, 2015 and got to meet everyone who loved him so much. He came home with us when he was 6 days old, and spent 33 amazing days in our arms before he went to be with Jesus.

A friend gave me my COURAGE key shortly after he passed away, and it has brought me so much comfort. I am reminded that I can make it through this season of life. Now I am passing it on to my sister, so she can also be reminded of the COURAGE that she has shown over the last year. She is my hero!