Six Weeks

Four days after Christmas, my nineteen year old nephew suddenly and shockingly passed away after a swim practice session.

He was home from Virginia Tech where he was in his 2nd year. He got together with his old teammates to swim at the nearby college since they were all home on break. He collapsed, was revived, and soon collapsed again. It turned out to be an extremely rare possibly genetic, heart disease, ARV/D.

During the most awful days after, a group of her friends and I were gathered at her house making photo collages. I was talking to them and telling the story of my Giving Key Bracelet that says Love. I was explaining the purpose of The Giving Keys and passing it on to someone that needs it more than you do at any given time. At that moment, I took it off and put it on my sister's wrist and said "you need this more than I do right now". I loved my bracelet and never intended on giving it to anyone but I realized it was absolutely the right thing to do.

It has only been 6 weeks