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To Be Continued

To Be Continued

My dear friend Diana presented this Faith key to me last year. I was so humbled that she actually thought of me and that when she saw Faith, to her, it represented me. She knows my spiritual relationship is important to me and I felt so blessed to receive this gift.

I struggle with confidence. I find myself always doubting myself. Then beautiful people come into my life and remind me that to them, I am somebody special. I guess I never realized how unimportant I have always felt. I look down and see the faith key around my neck and take a deep breath.

When I read the meaning behind Pay It Forward, I prayed that the next person who receives it will get it just in time. It was placed upon my heart today that is was time to give it to someone who needs it.

I'm mailing it to my cousin Tanya. She's in the process of restoring her life and I am amazed at her transformation. I see that she is protecting her children and doing all that she has to do in the midst of hopelessness. I watch her repair the pieces bit by bit and anxiously await the new life that God has in store for her. To be continued..

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