Passing Inspiration

I found out about The Giving Keys through the blog, "Molls She Wrote" and loved the idea and the cause. Ordered an "Inspire" bracelet to remind myself daily as to how I can give back some of the amazing karma that I have received. 

While I was out last week, I ended up having a conversation with someone who was trying to be the best Dad he could be to his children in a challenging environment. I passed my key onto him, not because I felt he needed to be reminded to be inspired, but because he was an inspiration to his children and to me. He was very touched and although it was a bit of a struggle to fit it on his wrist, he was adamant about wearing it. I told him the story and how it's to be passed on when he finds someone who has inspired him or finds someone who needs to be reminded that they have the ability to inspire others. 

This project is chock full of awesome, it has helped bring attention to the amazing people that surround us in an anonymous town such as NY.