Stepping Out and Paying it Forward

I have always loved the words “shine” and “glow” because they promise something bright. I decided to order my key with the word “Shine” on it and absolutely loved it! I wore it around, keeping in mind that there was going to be someone who needed it more than I did, plus I thought it was an awesome way to show someone else Jesus. 

After having my key for little less than a month, (I had thought I would have it for longer), I was out shopping with my mom and her friend. While I was checking out, I heard God whisper, “Give your key to her.” I would like to say, I responded faithfully and went right up to her and gave it to her, but a part of me hung back, questioning. I brought it before God to make sure we were on the same page, and that it was the right thing to do. Out of faith, I stepped out and I told her about The Giving Keys and how you pay it forward, and she thanked me profusely, on the edge of tears. I did not know her, but I hope that she has the key until she finds someone.I hope it blessed her as much as stepping out and not hanging back blessed me.