A Turn For the Better

Today I had to bury one of my good friends who died of cardiac arrest at 36 years old. She was an angel who would do anything for anyone one and expect nothing in return. It was a hard loss for me.

Later the same day, my daughter's father called me at work, yelling at me about how my daughter Kendra's flip flop broke at school and she went most of the day without shoes, and was telling me in so many words why I am a failure in his eyes. It was an all around bad day.

After I get off the phone with him, a young girl by the name of Amanda comes in with her friend to Advance Auto Parts (where I work) asking for a turn signal bulb for her Toyota. I go outside and take a look at it, then I decide, "what the heck I will just change it for her so she doesn't get a ticket." Amanda and her friend tell me I am an angel and mention they had heard I was having a bad day and when I told them what happened, they said they would pray for me.

Amanda goes to her car and gives me a bag with a necklace in it, and told me she was told to give it to someone who really needed it. I started crying my eyes out and thanked her and gave her a hug. When I got inside I looked at it, and on the front of the key it said "Faith." I started crying again. It's true that things happen for a reason and I just looked up at the ceiling and smiled! Amanda you may have said I was an angel but really you were mine today :) Thanks for raising my spirits. I can't wait to give this to the next person!



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