A Reminder That He Could Achieve His DREAMS

Summer 2017 I took the trip of a lifetime. I had always wanted to go to India and found myself way out of my comfort zone and half way across the world with a group of people I barely knew. India was such an amazing adventure and I met some amazing people.

I was traveling to Amritsar which ended up being a 20 hour train ride... yep - not fun! The trains make a bunch of stop on the way and luckily for me the cutest little boy came on with his mother. The little man caught my eye, and I couldn't resist saying hello. Luckily for me, his mother spoke some English, and we spent the rest of the train ride hanging out together.

I don't know why but something triggered my mind to give this little boy my key. The key I took with me on this trip was DREAM. India has been a DREAM of mine and I want to continue to remind myself to step out of my comfort zone to fulfill these DREAMS. I then took my necklace off and told his mother I wanted him to have it. I wanted this sweet boy to have a reminder that he could achieve his DREAMS.

It is now 2018 and I still keep in touch with this little guy and his mother. I hope to be able to be a small part of his life and help make his DREAMS a reality.