All That I Am

I have worn this key around my neck every day, 24/7, for the last several months waiting for just the right moment to pass it on.

At 10:53am on October 21, 2016 I received a phone call that would forever change my life. My father had called to notify me that my mother, Marian, had passed away in her sleep. In this moment, I fell to my knees and couldn't breathe. Time stood still. Tears filled my eyes as I tried to grasp what I had just been told. Memories flooded my thoughts and just like that my heart was shattered. 

Over the course of the next few days, emotions ran high as my family prepared to say our final goodbyes and lay our mother to rest. We compiled hundreds of photos encompassing her life, heard stories about her past from old friends, and embraced the quirks that made her our mom. 

It was in THIS MOMENT that I realized my mom was the most inspirational woman in my life, and I never had the chance to tell her. I never had the chance to thank her for showing me how to love and care so deeply. I never had the chance to express how much I appreciated her calling me every day to check in and see how work was or how my weekend went. I never had the chance to let her know how much I appreciated her being MY MOM. 

I knew that the key I had carried with me day in and day out was meant for her. And yesterday, I was honored to give my "INSPIRE" key to my mom as I said my final goodbye. 

Because, all that I am or ever hope to be... I owe to my mother. I love you mom, Rest In Peace. Xo.